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Should I remodel or build a new custom home?
This should be the first question you ask yourself when considering a change to your home. It's always beneficial to consider your needs and then determine which option would better meet them. We are always available to discuss your ideas, develop them, and pinpoint any major obstacles that they may bring about. It is best to gain a professional opinion to take into account any structural or utility issues that may prohibit your specific remodel. Helsel Construction will gladly provide our professional assessment before you spend costly dollars on any impractical plans.
Do you charge for an estimate?
No. We first start with and over-the-phone conference to determine what requirements will be necessary for your project. At this point, we will be able to give you a close estimate. We will then schedule a time to meet with you onsite to discuss options and to confirm the scope of work. At this point, we discuss plan drawings, engineering, and building permits if required.
Do we have to move out during construction?
Not usually, it all depends on how extensive the project is and what portion is being renovated. You may be able to relocate to a different part of your home during construction as we normally construct the new edition first. The complete structure is framed with roofing before we do the actual existing home tie in. For second-floor additions, the structural process will be more labor-intensive and will cause parts of the existing home to be exposed to weather elements longer. Normally we will do second-floor additions in the summer months to help keep our customers living in their home and as comfortable as possible.
How do we select what we want for our home?
The selection process is the most time-consuming for the homeowner. We now have so many options available for exterior and interior products. We do maintain a list of preferred vendors to get you started. All we need our clients to do is to select the products that they prefer and we will quote them with our builder’s discount. If the owner has not selected an item when we quote the project, we will automatically plug in an allowance price so we can finish the estimate. We have never had a client that has selected all items before construction, so just do the best that you can. We will give you a timetable for selections as they are needed so we don't have any delays in the construction process.
How much money down do you require?
None. Any builder requiring a substantial amount of money up front to start may have financial problems. All builders with credibility have accounts set up that bill once a month. We only send out invoices for work completed and material on site. There is absolutely no reason to pay any builder for services or material up front unless there is a 50% down payment for custom ordered material. The best way to check on a builder is to call the State Contractors Board, and the Better Business Bureau.
Can you help us draw plans?
In most cases, yes. We are a full-service building contractor and can handle all your drafting needs, engineering, and planned submittal. Some areas require the use of an architect or residential designer which you will have to hire. We do have maintain a preferred list of architects to assist you.